Well it did not take long before my two Children's Picture books showed up in the iTunes Bookstore.
Let's see, I uploaded them into iTunes Connect on Friday Nov 9 and by the following Thursday, November 15 (after spending UNDER a week in iTunes Connect stating they were being "reviewed for quality assurance"), there they were. I did send off a quick email to iBookstore support enquiring as to the books progress the day before they showed up. I do not know if this helped speed up the process or not. But I guess it did not hinder.
So exciting! Now all I need to do is promote them so people start buying them. Also, they only seem to show up in iTunes when I search either my name, or their title. This is a concern as it means they do not show up to the general public. Grrr.
Perhaps it takes a little time before they show up more in the public arena of the  iTunes Store. I will keep you posted.

To check them out:

Carly the Cat


Link for
Paisley the Pig


In an attempt to help others get their books published, I will soon write down all the steps I went through to arrive here with two books published in the iTunes Bookstore. So stay tuned.

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